For four years I photojournaled

the Chronicle, Willimantic CT
Various sizes

From front page to back page and printed in color and black and white, these photos reached subscribers weekly for years.

Firefighters fight a propane fire during a drill. The firefighters approach the leak slowly while widening the spray, and finally, would reach into the flames and turn off the propane at the source.

Jenny and Mike play ice hockey at Mansfield Hollow, drawn out by a reprieve in the weather.

Three year old Evan's musical genius was lost on his mother, Kristen, at Coventry Fest while waiting for the fireworks.

Five-year-old Naomi chases bubbles with her little brother, three-year-old Ikker at Jilson Square. The two were accompanied by their parents, Jose and Diana, who took care of the bubble blowing.

Bev York serves food during the "Things That Go Bump in the Night" tour at the Nathan Hale Homestead. Guests were given candles and received a tour through the house in the evening, followed by a small meal.